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  • Saint Dentlin (Dentelin, Denain), child-saint, considered a confessor of the faith (7th century) - 16. März
  • Saint Ultan of Ardbraccan, Bishop of Ardbraccan in Ireland (7th century) - 4. September
  • Saint Rhuddlad, patron of Llanrhyddlad at the foot of Moel Rhyddlad in Anglesey in Wales (7th century) - 4. September
  • Saint Beya (Bega, Begh, Bee), Virgin, first Abbess of Copeland in Cumbria (7th century) - 6. September
  • Saints Felix and Augebert, missionaries killed by pagans in Champagne (7th century) - 6. September
  • Saint Balin (Balanus, Balloin) (7th century) - 7. September
  • Saint Landericus (Landry of Metz), Bishop of Meaux, then Abbot of Soignies (7th century) - 17. April