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  • Heilige Märtyrer Trophimos und Thallos gest. 300 - 16. März
  • THE HIEROMARTYRS [PRIEST-MARTYRS] TROPHIMUS AND THALLUS - They were born in Syria and were brothers by birth. They openly and freely preached Christ and denounced the folly of the Hellenes [Greeks] and Romans. The enraged pagans decided to stone them to death. However, when they began hurling stones at these two holy brothers, the stones turned back and struck the assailants, and the brothers remained unharmed. Afterward they were both crucified. From their crosses the brothers taught and encouraged those Christians who stood sorrowfully around. After much agony they presented their souls to the Lord, to Whom they had remained faithful to the end. They suffered honorably in the year 300 A.D. in the city of Bofor.